Just like the laundromat, we’re here to help you get organized and look great!

No matter what cycle your project is in, we’re ready to partner with you and help you meet your design goals.

Designing with research

If you need a fresh design, we work with you to understand your goal at a fundamental level. We want to help you create the best and most simple designs we can. Our favorite way to address a problem is by making sure that we all really understand what causes the issue before we start creating a solution. If you are already working on a design, let’s make sure your design stays simple and user-focused.

Partnering with our clients

Our clients have spent a lot of time thinking about their products, and have lots of good ideas. We want to include your insights in whatever we are creating by working with you to understand project goals, product needs and limitations.

Prototyping & testing

We believe in testing early and testing often. It’s easy to get caught up in your designs — and nothing beats the fresh perspective of a real-life user. We can test at almost any point of the design cycle to help keep our designs usable and informed.

Who we are…

Laura Hahn

Laura Hahn
New York, NY

Laura cares about creating simple and effective designs that are easy to use. She has been part of small teams that have done big work overhauling larger sites with limited time and resources.

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Pete Manning

Pete Manning
San Francisco, CA

Pete’s got a background in user testing and research. He has a Master’s degree in cognitive psychology, and is interested in designs that have low cognitive overhead.

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Who we’ve worked with…