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Global supply chain SaaS

Site refresh & mobile application design

UX techniques: user research scenarios/scripts, user research, facilitated product ideation sessions, wireframes, user flows, prototypes

Enterprise software solutions


A global supply chain SaaS company needed a redesign of their central task workflows, and a companion mobile application. We conducted user research sessions with employees all over the world, developed a core set of problem statements, and optimized the user flow and interface to facilitate tasks. Based on those same problem statements, we facilitated an ideation session with product and engineering leads to rapidly map out high-level architecture, interactions, and use cases. We then iterated on wireframes and high-fidelity designs concurrent with development.

Problem identification

Most tasks involved complex forms, heavy manual data entry, and required multiple communications, negotiations, and approvals from different parties before they could be considered complete. The system didn’t allow for easy movement between related line items, and didn’t give good state feedback around errors.

UX techniques

  • User research scenarios/scripts
  • User research
  • Facilitated product ideation sessions
  • Wireframes
  • User flows
  • Prototypes

Design solution

  • Break large tasks into digestible chunks
  • Use placeholder text for complex forms, and offer smart defaults
  • Facilitate starting and stopping a task, and saving work
  • Give clear state feedback
  • Leverage visual hierarchy to better establish item groupings