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Jon Wye

Redesign of a cool DC clothing site

Ux techniques: information architecture, wireframes, visual design, prototypes, user testing



Jon Wye has been selling cool belts and shirts for years at DC’s Eastern Market, but his company has recently seen an uptick in sales on the web. He needed an updated website to accommodate this increase in business, as well as his growing product line.

Problem identification

  • Promote new and lesser-known product lines
  • Increase online revenue
  • Reduce customer service cases and returns
  • Convey more of the company’s fun and youthful personality
Before redesign

UX techniques

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Prototypes
  • User testing
Information architecture

Design solution

  • Revised navigation to allow easy access to the full product offering
  • Big calls to action in featured promotions
  • Clearer specs and ordering options on product pages
  • More playful visual treatments that leverage great product photography
  • Responsive styles to support tablet and mobile devices
Jon Wye product page