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Pew Research

Usability testing, persona creation, and facilitated product ideation to redesign the presentation of a large-scale data set.

UX techniques: testing scenarios/scripts, facilitated user testing, testing findings, design recommendations

Religious Landscape Study


Pew Research knew that their Religious Landscape Survey data was extremely valuable, but not presented in an accessible way. They needed help creating a more flexible framework for presenting their growing data set, and showing trends over time.

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Problem identification

The Pew Research Religious Landscape survey data was very interesting, but hard to navigate and didn’t have good SEO. The pathways into the data were rigid, and didn’t allow for exploration, drilling in to additional detail, or switching between a single population segment profile and comparisons between disparate population segments.

UX techniques

  • User research scenarios/scripts
  • User research
  • Facilitated product ideation sessions
  • Wireframes
  • User flows
  • Prototypes

Design solution

  • Flexible pathways into the data
  • Better connections between related single segment profile views
  • Distinct pages for segment profiles to improve SEO
  • Embedded, expandable comparison views
  • Easy access to trend and raw data