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SafeAtHome app

Visual design of an app that allows caregivers to monitor their elderly or immobile clients remotely

Deliverables: logo, style guide, visual designs based on client-supplied wireframes

Caregiver app


We worked with the client’s existing wireframe prototype to create visual designs. The design challenge was to create a simple, clean user interface that still surfaced the large amount of information that caregivers need to assess their clients, and take action when appropriate.

Problem statement

  • App must work well on desktop and tablet devices
  • Caregivers should be able quickly investigate incidents and communicate with their clients
  • Caregivers need to be alerted to abnormal behavior patterns and emergencies
Caregiver wireframe

Design solution

  • Larger clickable/tappable areas and buttons with clear calls to action
  • Easily scannable dashboards with quick access to more detailed information
  • Color scheme and iconography that provide feedback about the nature and severity of incidents at a glance
Caregiver visual design