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Visual Expansion Gallery

Capitalizing on owning content

UX techniques: site traffic data analysis, design thinking against business goals, information architecture, revised sitemap, wireframes, development, visual design, logo and branding

new design


We helped this gallery revise their site to enhance lead-generation, and capitalize on their content. Many of the artists this gallery features don’t have their own web-presence. We redesigned the site to have an updated look and feel that matched the shop’s personality, focused on lead-generation stemming from individual artist pages.

Problem identification

Working with the gallery to understand their current site, traffic and lead generation we determined that much of the traffic and interest on the site was based around specific artists. We decided to design to facilitate that interest, along with specific artists leads generation.

site before

UX techniques

  • Revised Information Architecture against site traffic
  • Developed new content areas based on sales data
  • Examined business practices to design lead generation tools
  • Annotated wireframes details full site functionality and interaction design
information architecture

Design solution

  • Redesigned IA based on business goals and site traffic
  • Enhanced site design to showcase artists
  • Created featured sales showcase based on sales data
  • Facilitated artist-specific leads generation
  • Updated site visual design and logo within constraints of 39 year old business
  • Responsive styles to support tablet and mobile devices
VEG artist detail