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Wine subscription service

Helping a startup redesign their vision

UX techniques: information architecture, revised sitemap, adjusted business practice, wireframes, development collaboration

before redesign


A subscription wine start-up that provides customized recommendations by skilled sommeliers and celebrated chefs/foodies/critics asked us to help redesign their First Time Experience (FTE), along with the general site structure.

Problem identification

  • Subscriptions were hard to manage
  • Content on the site wasn’t accessible
  • Account creation was a burden
  • Curated selections weren’t surfaced

UX techniques

  • Mapped user flow, created new user journey map
  • Created personas through user need identification
  • Streamlined flow according to facilitate shopping
  • Worked with founder to model business practices against site flow
  • Built annotated wireframes for all site functionality

Design solution

  • Redesigned site flow focusing on subscriptions
  • Created detailed wireframes for site structure and function
  • Teamed with client development to guide implementation
  • Worked with founder to revise business aspects to meet user needs
  • Responsive styles to support tablet and mobile devices
VL wireframes